Homeland Security Services

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Azimuts Homeland Security Services

Founded in 2005, AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™is a company independent of all international groups and which has a family-type shareholding system.

Based in Lyon (France), specialized in preventing the risk of terrorism, AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™can respond accurately to today’s threats, and those that are difficult to be understood by the average security agent.

Inspection/screening of persons, profiling…. For more than a decade, we have provided the devices adapted to the risks encountered by the largest public institutions and the most important private companies.

Our knowledge of weapons and explosives detections systems (X-RAY analysis, EDS, ETD, Bodyscan, …) and the requirement for our procedures, combined with the control of our training references linked to our job, allow us to provide you with a high level of protection, in all circumstances.

Quality assurance

The relevance of a security and safety features is only judged by its constant adaptation to the threat and by the proper application of instructions.

That is the reason why our management focuses on regularly measuring the practical application of operational procedures on the ground.

We analyze the experience feed-back of each large-scaled event and we take the necessary correctives or projective actions.

We are thus able to provide your company with methods and means adapted to the risks involved, but we also have the capacity to adjust rapidly and accurately our response to the emergence of new threats.

This continuous quality approach complies with the ISO 9001 standard (2008 version).

Training and career

Jobs in security are changing… It is your turn to evolve!

AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™ is one of the leading players regarding innovation and deployment of new services in the field of private security.

Joining our services means benefiting from solid training and the guarantee of discovering new jobs.

Maintaining and developing your skills are at the heart of our concerns, guaranteeing stability in employment over the long-term.

Our programs prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow’s jobs and our adapted social framework gives you the guarantee to plan the future serenely.