Airport security

Whether you represent an airport administrator, an airline company or a freight transport operator, AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™ has the solutions for airport security, combining the rigor and service quality you are expecting, in any of the required areas of competence.

- Inspection/screening of passengers and cabin baggage
- Inspection/screening of hold baggage
- Inspection/screening of personnel and vehicles
- Inspection/screening of freight
- Certified cynotechnical teams
- Aircraft guard
- Aircraft security search
- Profiling
- Implementation of security measures specific to the city side.

Ports security

In accordance with the [ISPS] code and with the European regulations, AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™ supplies appropriate security solutions to the operators of port infrastructures and of shipping companies:

- Access control for personnel and vehicles
- Inspection/screening of personnel and vehicles
- Passenger’s documentation reconciliation
- Passenger and baggage screening inspection
- Profiling
- Freight security
- Facilities monitoring
- Docksides monitoring
- Cynotechnical teamsspecialized in explosive search
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Transports networks

Public transport systems are open and therefore difficult to secure.

That is the reason why AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™ provides adapted solutions to a complex environment:

- Inspection/screening of passengers and cabin baggage
- Security patrols
- Driving patrols
- Removing doubt on abandoned luggage by a specialized cynotechnical agent
- Video profilers
- Monitoring warehouses and technical centers
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Specific risks

For chemical and oil industries, but also for drinking water’s factory or energy production centers, AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™ has expertise and skills which ensure an optimal security of sensitive environments:

- Access control
- Video surveillance
- Inspection/Screening of personnel and visitors
- Inspection/Screening of vehicles and deliveries
- Inspection/Screening of personal belongings
- X-ray analysis, ETD and LEDS/LETK
- Inspection/Screening of vehicles and merchandises by a specialized cynotechnical agent.


AZIMUTS HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES™ is the first French security company to have the capacity to deploy specialized K9 teams for all types of missions, including airport control.

Our staff, after a long process of initial and practical training, has the skills and certifications to detect a wide range of threats by dog olfaction:

- Explosives
- Firearms
- Ammunitions
- Smoke bombs
- The performances of our partnership are maintained over time through continuous, regular and rigorous training sessions.

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